" We realize that the highest standards of business relationship are essential in securing the respect and confidence of those with whom we have a business relationship."

National Water Technology is a member of Water Quality Association WQA.


National Water Technology is a proud sponsor of the 7th Gulf Water Conference which will be held in Kuwait from 19th to 23rd November 2005. Please visit our stand number 41 at the exhibition hall at Al-Raya Complex.

National Water Technology signed a contract with a private investment company to desalinate 3 MGPD of seawater. The fresh potable water is used for distribution to private residential complex.

NWT is now a member of Water Quality Association WQA.


National Water Technology K.S.C.C NWT was established in 2003 with a clear goal of being a leading Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM and Engineering company in Water Desalination and advanced treatment of water and wastewater. From the onset, NWT has been a leader in D&C Design and Construction and O&M Operation and maintenance of medium and large scale reverse osmosis desalination, demonstrated by more than 100 reference plants with an installed capacity of over 24000m 3 day. Moreover, NWT operates and maintains over 200 desalination, water, and wastewater and treatment plants.

NWT has earned the reputation of providing quality work as its first priority. This has added to the confidence of our local and regional clients, both in private and public sectors.

Today, NWT employs over 50 people and the estimated turnover for 2005 will be over KD 1 million. Approximately 10% of this figure will be from our ongoing Operation and maintenance contracts for desalination and conventional water and treatment services.


NWT recognizes the importance of meeting the ever increasing demands for water. Therefore, we have made a commitment to utilize our specific knowledge in desalination within the Middle East region. NWT has delivered projects in U.A.E, Iraq and Bahrain .

NWTech employees are proud of our company, and every day we demonstrate our commitment to sustaining its exceptional standards.


Our aim is to completely satisfy the requirement of our customers and provide our high- standard products & services at competitive prices. To achieve this goal, NWT is committed to comply with ISO 9001 :2000 requirements, its implementation to continuously improve our quality management and environment management systems. In addition, our high standard quality and environmental objectives are achieved through these set guidelines.

Continuous training and development for our employees to provide them with the tools to achieve a safe, secure, reliable, and efficient operation.

Promote awareness of the quality and environmental issues among all our employees and clients.

Comply with all local and international Environmental laws and regulations that applies to our process.

Verify conformance of company's quality and Environmental management system at all levels through regular auditing.

Provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.