The protection of the Kuwait 's environment is one of our continuous concerns. Whether it is the brine discharge, noise or emissions we always aim to minimize both the consumption of resources and the generation of wastes. Accurate measurements and calibration of waste ensures our objective of continuous improvement in environmental conservation. In addition, NWT constantly promotes awareness of the environmental issues among all our clients.


NWT is committed for successful implementation of any project, small or large. Since each project has its specific requirements, NWT undergoes a filed study and testing and, in some cases, piloting to ensure a tailored solutions for each individual case.


The Research and Development (R&D) Department plays a fundamental role in the search for new and improved technological solutions. Our R&D offers technical information and support to our design department. The information is gathered through testing state-of-the-art processes using Filtration, MF, UF and NF processes together with Reverse Osmosis. The R&D Department provides the first steps towards the design of medium- and large-scale desalination plants. The feed water is analyzed and the most appropriate membrane configuration is tested using the same feed water characteristics. R&D also provides important support to design or operation and maintenance for optimization of coagulation and flocculation dosing and chemical cleaning of membranes to prevent scaling and fouling. The R&D department also provides valuable technical support by conducting pilot studies on wastewater reuse of different types of municipal wastewater using immersed membrane bio-reactors (MBR).


(SWRO) Desalination Plants

NWT is the first OEM company in Kuwait to develop brackish- and seawater Reverse Osmosis desalination. New technological innovations are integrated and implemented in our designs. These include use of Ultra- Micro- and Nano-Filtration as pre-treatment and the use of energy recovery systems in seawater desalination. Also, a certificate for individual membrane testing is obtained from the manufacturer and the membranes are placed in the vessels accordingly. New advanced energy systems are incorporated to provide power to desalination systems in remote areas.


State-of-the-art immersed ultrafiltration membrane filtration technology is allowing users to turn wastewater into a valuable asset that can be recycled. NWT has participated in research, development and implementation of advanced treatment technologies using immersed micro- and ultra-filtration Membrane bioreactor and reverse osmosis to produce a superior quality effluent that exceeds the most stringent wastewater discharge standards.


Groundwater is a precious resource under most of the Earth's land surface. Dependence on groundwater has increased dramatically over the past few years because of population drifts to remote areas. NWT is dedicated, through knowledge and experience of underground aquifers, to utilize the best casing and screen systems so that groundwater resources can be developed economically without damaging aquifers by effective well designs and development.


NWT believes that after sale service is an essential part and the most important issue in our business. Therefore, NWT has organized a maintenance team that is on call 24 hours a day. The experience gained from operation and maintenance is utilized into new projects to ensure continual improvement in plant designs.